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Control any effect in Ableton Live with a wave of your hand

Motion is a light-sensitive motion tracking device that lets you map your movement to any parameter in Live.  Adjust sensitivity, record and loop your motion, and freeze gesture to play Live in ways no one has before.

Motion is optimized for very low CPU consumption, so drag in as many copies as you want and conduct your session with a wave of your hand, make sounds pulse to flashing lights, or change effects based on the movement of the dance floor.

Use your computer's built-in camera or a USB-connected camera and build sets as simple or sophisticated as you like.  Motion is easy to set up - just click on the map button, then click any parameter you like and you're ready to go.  It's control without the controller.

Motion requires the latest version of Max for Live and Ableton Live.

Motion is now 100% free, and for any of the earlier adopters who paid for Motion, Utami will give you a free copy of Space Time and our newest plugin, Deconstruct, as a thank you for your support.

Get it here for free.