Turn GIFs and images into visuals that react to your music in realtime

Create dynamic audio responsive visuals for live shows or at home with the lights off.

Easily apply unique effects: datamoshing, pixel drifting, feedback, and use our brand new algorithms to make GIFs melt, burn, and dance to your music.

Customize how GlitchGIF listens and responds to music. You can run it with sound from anywhere using your built-in mic, iTunes, Logic, Live, direct input, or any other audio source.

GlitchGIF has powerful listening technology that lets you work using just your laptop’s mic, even in noisy enviornments, so you can still get beat-reactive live visuals without a direct audio input.

Features include:

  • 20 brand new visual effects 
  • MIDI input and customizable mapping
  • Save and load your favorite effect combinations
  • Native Ableton Live integration via Max for Live
  • Syphon video out to other VJ software (Mac OS X only)
  • Works with Mac OS X 10.8 and up, Windows 7 and up
  • 12 original Popsicle Illusion GIFs to get you started



Known Issues for GlitchGIF 1.0:

  • 64 bit Live loads images of certain sizes incorrectly. To fix this, either use the standalone version of GlitchGIF or resize your images so they are a multiple of 16 (e.g., 512 x 512, 640 x 656). Please contact us if you need any help!