a premium Max for Live device, available exclusively at Ableton.

Spectral sampler and visualizer

Grab any sample and uncover a universe of sound inside a single moment.  With over ten audio and video parameters, Geisterwelt lets you simultaneously create music and audio-responsive HD video with nothing more than a MIDI controller, keyboard, or mouse click.  Discover melodies, new chord progressions, radiant pads or broken alien sounds from even the shortest samples and with low CPU usage. 

Audio features include legato, which lets you slide seamlessly between spectral slices; thousands of bands of spectral feedback, along with four morphable feedback shapes to transform your sound; spectral side-chaining, which creates radically new kinds of envelopes that pump and sync to the rhythm of your set; and adjustable heat levels which add reverb-like space to your sounds.

For live performance, switch Geisterwelt into “SEE” mode and create music for your eyes:  geometries and colors that pulse and twist based on AI and synesthetic algorithms, or can be controlled manually.  Go full screen and project as your perform.

Geisterwelt requires the latest version of Max for Live and Ableton Live.

Get it exclusively at Ableton.