a Max for Live device, available exclusively from our friends at Isontonik Studios.

Chop, screw, and remix in realtime

Make a remix on the spot with Deconstruct.  It works with live input, so you can cut up your tracks on the fly, create new rhythms, reverse your drums, screw with live vocals, repitch or detune anything and snap it right back to where it was with just a knob twist.

Deconstruct is designed to be played — both on stage or in your studio.  With eight buttons for quick remixing, you can tap out new rhythms with your controller or a mouse.  Slice and change the pitch and everything stays connected to your underlying BPM.  Add legato and when you chop up your sounds you’ll find secret effects and tricks waiting to come out.

If you are using a Mac, you can send out the visualizer to your favorite VJ software and make music for people’s eyes too.

Deconstruct requires Max for Live 6.1.9 or higher and Ableton Live.  Syphon support requires a Mac.

Get it exclusively from Isontonik Studios.

Known Issues:

v1.0 has an issue with editing the automation of the eight remix buttons.  When editing the automation by hand make sure to turn off the button manually.  This happens automatically when you play and record automation, but not when you edit due to an error in how Max and Live deal with automating.